Qigong means vital life force

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Qigong, ancient movement tradition

Qigong (CHEE-gung) is an ancient movement tradition from China, similar to Tai C’hi. Chi (chee) means vital life force, or energy, that flows through us to maintain our vitality. “Gung” or “kong” means work or skill. Together, these words convey a practice that builds rapport and skill with what enlivens us, our life force. Qigong is practiced for health and wellbeing, as a martial form, to circulate energies and fluids, to heal or to transmit healing to others.

Qigong at Sebastopol Senior Center is simplified, and does not follow a formula, tradition or program. Our stances “tonify” qi and our gentle movements restore two basic capacities of the spine necessary for whole body wellness: waves and spirals. Even a spine that cannot turn or bend well can benefit from modified movements and the intention of flexibility and tone inherent in the forms. Many qigong movements get energy moving, increase the movement of all fluids, especially lymph, and bring balance, tone and improved function to the organ systems.

What to expect

Each class is about 75 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes. We walk around the room for a few minutes to increase our awareness of movement in our bodies; we warm the joints of the spine, knees and hips and ankles, and sometimes walk for a few minutes more to feel the difference in our posture and ease of gait. Each class features movements appropriate for the seasons and associated organs, movements designed to stretch and lengthen muscles, and the 3 vital movements designed to enhance vitality. We complete each session with Embrace Tiger tai chi--a short series of movements designed by Master Al Huang for body-mind-spirit balance.

All movements can be modified to work with any physical limitations or injuries. Extra time given for review and special needs.

Call Angel, 415 298-1618 for more information. Feel free to drop in; no prior experience is necessary.

World Theology

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Learn about the origins of the World’s religions, with a look at the evolution of religious thought — including Atheism — through this SRJC Older Adult Program. Classes will take place at the Senior Center.

Check Calendar For Class  Schedule

Suggested Fee: $3 Wisdom Counts Members; $4 Associate Members

World Theology Course Syllabus

Class Registration and Enrollment

  • Meet & Greet

  • Defining a history of theology (theo = god, logos = word)

  • Introduce three main questions of study for this fall

    • Who is God?

    • Where did he/she come from?

    • How does this affect me?

  • The story of Abraham - three major world religions birthed (Gen 15)

Who is God? (according to Hebrew, Christian, Islam)

  • Possible to see same tree from differing perspectives? Or unrelated?

  • Genesis 17 - Abraham and the birth of Israel (circa 2000BCE Abraham born)

  • Covenant - katav, to cut

  • Name changed = character/destiny

  • Jacob (deceiver) to Israel (God fights) - Genesis 35

Stories of Judaism/Hebrew (covenant, captivity, exodus)

  • Basic tenets - monotheism, sabbath, death as sleep, coming messiah, diet

  • 4 sects - secular, liberal/reform, conservative, orthodox Essene-baptism, pharisee-religious leader, sadducee-no afterlife, zealot

  • Covenant (Gen 17), Decalogue (Exodus 20, Deut 5)

  • Captivity - Egypt (1875-1445BCE), Babylon (605BCE), Greece (538BCE), Medes/Persia, Rome

  • Exodus - 1400 BCE

  • Kings - David is first King, Solomon’s temple completed 1000BCE

  • Covenant, captivity, exodus cycle prophesied to repeat in messiah

The story of Ishmael (Genesis 16)

  • Ishmael to Islam

  • Circa 600AD Muhammed is born in Mecca

  • Does God hate Islam? Ishmael’s blessing-Gen 17, Hagar-Gen 16, 25:12

  • Modern Islam and Muhammed - more than 800million, Ishmael offered rather than Isaac, lineage through Abraham Moses, John Baptist, Jesus prophet

  • Basic tenets - health, monotheism, total obedience to Allah=salvation, Salat 5x/day, giving alms, fast during Ramadan, Hajj/pilgrimage to Mecca once in lifetime, Koran as verbatim, final judgment, resurrection, forbid alcohol/gambling/pork, aiding poor,

The story of Jesus (Christianity)

  • Birth and rebirth, life from death

  • Story of Jesus not as new religion, or reformation but as the fulfillment

  • Birth of Christianity - covenant fulfilled, not exodus but conquerer

The story of Buddhism

  • Circa 500BCE Gautama (Buddha=fully enlightened) is born in Lumbini (NE India)

  • Central/East/SE Asia at one time nearly 1/3 world’s population were buddhist

  • Basic tenets - god is impersonal, key is brotherly love, health, 8 fold path (right beliefs, efforts, thinking, ideals, works, deeds, way of earning a living, meditation), ultimate goal is Nirvana=state of love/peace/nothingness/selflessness

  • Karma = righteous or evil deeds of an individual

  • Nirvana = reincarnation state of complete nothingness an unity with universe

  • Reincarnation = series of births and deaths and rebirths based on works

  • Similarities w/Hebrew/Islam/Christianity

The story of Hinduism

  • 3000BCE Hinduism takes roots in the Indus River valley (NW India)

  • Basic tenets - health, caste system, untouchables, god is impersonal, pantheism, salvation through deeds, Karma - cycle of reincarnation until state of perfection is reached, Bagda Vita is sacred text, develop god within=moral perfection

  • Similarities w/Hebrew/Islam/Christianity

The story of Atheism

  • Basic tenets

  • Review & Preview of Spring classes

  • Similarities w/Hebrew/Islam/Christianity

Zumba Gold

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Zumba Gold takes the popular Latin-dance inspired workout of Zumba and makes it accessible for anyone needing low-impact exercise due to age, size or other health issues and is perfect for seniors, beginners and women during pregnancy.

Movements are designed to increase flexibility, coordination, balance, range of motion and strength. Zumba Gold builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves that includes a medley of dance styles, such as merengue, cha-cha, cumbia, belly dance, rumba, tango and salsa. Zumba Gold breaks these dances down to address the anatomical and biomechanical needs of active older adults, unconditioned beginner, or pregnant mother.

Each class will be presented in six-week sessions. Zumba Gold and belly dance classes will be held at Sirens Studio in Subud Hall, located at 234 Hutchins Ave., Sebastopol.

Improving Your Balance

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Four-Week Class
Balance is a complicated skill, subject to both intrinsic causes such as poor vision, dizziness and neuropathy, and extrinsic factors such as a cluttered stairway, inadequate lighting and unstable furniture.

Tai Chi

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People who engage in Tai Chi see moderate improvement in pain, fatigue and stiffness. They also gain an increased sense of well-being as well as balance. 

Karen Faire Scott, Certified Instructor of Tai Chi and Tai Chi for Arthritis

Intermediate Spanish

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Conversational Spanish as well as learning the systems to understand the rules that govern the language and the many inflections and variations present in it.

Instructor Angie Vera.

Please sign up, the class is limited.

Life Stories Writing

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SRJC class with instructor. Meet interesting people and share your life stories. This is a friendly supportive group to inspire one another by sharing stories and helping you with your writing skills.

SRJC Class

Chair Pilates

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Build strength for better posture, balance and flexibility. Gain muscular strength and endurance.

This exercise is designed for physical therapy. Chair Pilates was adapted by Virginia Mathews for seniors who can’t lie on the floor. This is a very gentle way of getting in shape.

Instructor: Virginia Mathew 

Chair Yoga

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Recognize and respect your body’s natural limitations by unleashing the flow of energy from the soles of your feet, to the base of your spine, and up to the crown of your head. Chakra Yoga is essential to the health of your vital organs, emotions and natural life force; all levels of physical condition will benefit from this class.

Instructor: Sarah Jenness

Beginning Spanish

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Introduction to Spanish or for individuals who are returning to the language and want to brush up their skills.

Instructor Angie Vera

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