posted Jan 5, 2017, 11:31 AM by Wayne Wieseler   [ updated Sep 14, 2017, 2:31 PM ]

Qigong, ancient movement tradition

Qigong (CHEE-gung) is an ancient movement tradition from China, similar to Tai C’hi. Chi (chee) means vital life force, or energy, that flows through us to maintain our vitality. “Gung” or “kong” means work or skill. Together, these words convey a practice that builds rapport and skill with what enlivens us, our life force. Qigong is practiced for health and wellbeing, as a martial form, to circulate energies and fluids, to heal or to transmit healing to others.

Qigong at Sebastopol Senior Center is simplified, and does not follow a formula, tradition or program. Our stances “tonify” qi and our gentle movements restore two basic capacities of the spine necessary for whole body wellness: waves and spirals. Even a spine that cannot turn or bend well can benefit from modified movements and the intention of flexibility and tone inherent in the forms. Many qigong movements get energy moving, increase the movement of all fluids, especially lymph, and bring balance, tone and improved function to the organ systems.

What to expect

Each class is about 75 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes. We walk around the room for a few minutes to increase our awareness of movement in our bodies; we warm the joints of the spine, knees and hips and ankles, and sometimes walk for a few minutes more to feel the difference in our posture and ease of gait. Each class features movements appropriate for the seasons and associated organs, movements designed to stretch and lengthen muscles, and the 3 vital movements designed to enhance vitality. We complete each session with Embrace Tiger tai chi--a short series of movements designed by Master Al Huang for body-mind-spirit balance.

All movements can be modified to work with any physical limitations or injuries. Extra time given for review and special needs.

Call Angel, 415 298-1618 for more information. Feel free to drop in; no prior experience is necessary.

Fee: Wisdom Counts Member, $8; Non-Member, $10