Welcome to the new look of The Grapevine!

posted Sep 1, 2014, 10:02 AM by SASC Admin   [ updated Sep 1, 2014, 10:06 AM ]

The Sebastopol Area Senior Center has been working closely with Wayne Wieseler of Two Spirit Group, to address the many components of our communications efforts, and this is the second major upgrade we’ve made in the last few months. Wayne is experienced in both print and electronic communications, and will be joining our team as the Communications Manager.

The new look of The Grapevine still lists all the critical program information for the Senior Center and The Legacy it has always contained. The layout is different, but what you need to know is still there. We are also committed to providing a regular stream of content that is important to our collective community.

The first upgrade Wayne helped us with is our website. Much like The Grapevine, the website contains information on all of our events and activities and will offer a greater look into future events.

Both The Grapevine and website are works in progress, and you should expect further changes to the layout and content on a regular basis.

On page 7 of the Grapevine is a Business Directory. This first month we are listing those businesses that have supported either Aged to Perfection or Driven to Perfection this past spring.

When we are in the middle of planning and producing these events, we don’t always look at the sum of our supporters, and we were blown away to see more than 90 local businesses that support the Sebastopol Area Senior Center. If you have a chance, be sure to tell them Thanks for caring.

More changes coming to the Sebastopol Area Senior Center. These all contribute to reaching the vision our board identified during our Strategic Plan a in 2011: To be the BEST Senior Center in Sonoma County.