Membership changes at Senior Center

posted Sep 26, 2017, 11:34 AM by Wayne Wieseler   [ updated Sep 27, 2017, 1:17 PM ]

Letter from the Executive Director

Membership Changes at the Senior Center

We are initiating a few changes here at the Senior Center, and I want to let everyone know what they are and why they are needed.

Thanks to the generosity of local foundations, individual donors, and the City of Sebastopol, we now have five months operating funds in the bank. This is a great improvement to where we were last January when we almost had to close our doors. Unlike many senior centers in Sonoma, we are not part of the city. We are an independent non-profit organization. We must raise all the funds needed to keep our doors open. Sebastopol gave us a one-time grant, but it is now up to all of us to make sure this Center is sustainable.

That is why we have increased our membership rate to $50 for an individual and $90 for a two-person household. If everyone who uses the center became a member, we would have covered our deficit last year. Members receive many benefits including free day use, many free and/or reduced fee classes and field trips and receive our Wisdom Counts newsletter.

For folks who use the Center without being members, we are now asking a day use fee of $5 to make sure everyone helps support this valuable resource to our community. Anyone registered as a member does not have to pay a day use fee. If the $50 membership is too much, we ask folks to contribute something, and we can make up the difference with a scholarship provided by the Bethlehem Foundation. We want everyone using the Center to be a member.

Being a member also helps us to know who you are! We have had to call 911 several times this year for medical emergencies – and sometimes – we haven’t had all the information needed to help the emergency service providers do their job. We know who our members are – and we want to know who you are if you use the Center or attend classes here. Help us by becoming a member – and if it is not affordable – we can sign you up with a sponsorship.

So please, sign up today, and please stop by my office if you have questions – or just to say hello!

Linda Civitello, Executive Director