What is our practice regarding medical emergencies?

posted Feb 13, 2018, 3:35 PM by SASC Admin   [ updated Feb 13, 2018, 3:37 PM ]

Being prepared for medical emergencies
We take your health and safety very seriously at the Sebastopol Area Senior Center. In our effort to prepare ourselves for dealing with emergencies, we have had staff trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Thanks to Mitch Savitsky, MD, we have a new defibrillator and training on how to use it.

Though being prepared as we can be, we also recognize that we are not qualified, medical professionals. In certain situations, we must call 911 and let the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) decide if the person needing assistance should go to a hospital emergency room (ER).

We will call 911
We will call 911 if a participant:

  • Slides out of their chair or falls and cannot get up on their own
  • Any bleeding, significant bruises, or bumps from an accident
  • Lightheadedness and/or change of color
  • Sudden extreme perspiration
  • Significant change in behavior or awareness
  • Has vomiting, extreme pain, or other signs of being unwell.
Sometimes persons with one or more of the above symptoms, insist that they are fine and do not want us to call 911. Please understand that are required to call 911 in these situations and let the professionals decide if it is necessary.

What happens if you are in a class/group/lunch and someone requires a 911 call?
The person requiring emergency assistance cannot be moved. If we can move folks in a class to another room, we will make way for the EMTs' arrival. If your class or group cannot be moved, we will try to make space around the ill person. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in these instances and ask for your understanding that we cannot move the ill person from the room. We have to move everyone else for everyone’s safety.

Please feel free to stop by my office if you have any further questions. The health and safety of our participants are crucial.

~ By Linda Civitello, Executive Director