2017 Annual Report

Review shows growth, healthy future


The Sebastopol Area Senior Center has published its annual report for fiscal year July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017. Our financial standing is improving, we are offering more services, and we have increased membership, according to our annual review.

In the last fiscal year, we had 490 members who received 5,000 units of service (a class/workshop/lunch/etc.). With only half of this fiscal year behind us, we now have 555 members and have had 5,100 units of service.

Thanks to all our members, donors, volunteers, and staff, we are moving ahead to keep this Senior Center relevant and sustainable for our community.

Soon, our Board of Directors will be engaging in a strategic planning project. We are eager to hear from you about what you would like offered at the Senior Center.  Watch for more information about this project.

Finally, as we make our plans for the next few years, we will definitely be including a celebration.  2019 will be our 50th Year Anniversary!  Stay tuned for news about our plans.


Financials Show Gain

The Sebastopol Area Senior Center has improved in the operating cash reserves over the last year. We can only keep up our gains with the continued support of our community.  We are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to all who supported us in 2017.

The Sebastopol Area Senior Center does not own the building, but the Board raised the funds to remodel the building back in 2002. Therefore the leaseholder improvements are considered an asset. The actual cash to run the center is the Net Operating Income.


2016-2017 Income


Retail (Legacy & Holiday Stores)
$156,498 | 27%

Individual Donations, Memberships
$120,187 | 21%

Government Grants
$101,064 | 17%

Fundraising Events
$94,823 | 16%

Foundation Grants
$78,990 | 14%

Other (Fees Trips, Classes, Workshops)
$28,707 | 5%

2016-2017 Expenses


Programs & Services
$263,448 | 72%

$72,105 | 20%

$30,681 | 8%



Fiscal Year 2016/17  

Income: $478,966
Expenses: $366,234
Net Operating Income: $112,732
Assets (Leaseholder Improvements*): $660,873
Liabilities: $11,421
Net Assets: $649,452