Fiber Art Exhibit

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Discounted materials available at The Legacy!

789 Gravenstein Hwy S; 707-823-7520

For registered participants, The Legacy will sell materials at 50% off (terms apply). Also, there are regular 50% discount/half price days (not in addition to the 25% discount above) on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Some materials will be available at no cost, while supplies last.

Questions regarding the Fiber Art Show? Contact Sue at

Application Form: Click Here

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Fiber Artists…

The Legacy wants to take you public! 

We have created two series of juried exhibitions for you to show your work…and hopefully sell it too! 


“The Fabric of West County” is an ongoing series of exhibits, each approximately two (2) months long, highlighting a different fiber artist at local venues such as banks, coffee shops and the Sebastopol Area Senior Center. Specific date and venue information posted at The Legacy and as available. OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF/WORKERS IN WEST COUNTY.

The exhibit will consist of the artist’s biography, photo, and six to twelve (6 to 12) pieces depending on the size and layout of the venue.

Completed applications including color photos of six (6) pieces for exhibit can be submitted any time, unless otherwise specified, for review on a regular basis. (See Application Form).

The exhibit can be themed or not. Juried on the basis of design, workmanship and flow.

Applications accepted ongoing until further notice.

Application Form: Click Here


Application deadline: August 2, 2019

Submissions of work for jurying accepted on 20 September 2019 from 10 AM - 4PM at The Legacy.

“In Stitches:Innovation” is the first of the “In Stitches” annual exhibitions at The Sebastopol Regional Library 28 October-2 December 2019.  Conversation with Artists 5:30-7:00 PM on 4 November 2019.  

Make anything anyway from recycled/repurposed/reused fabric, leather, trim, yarn or paper including but not limited to: cut, sewn, glued, felted, embroidered, appliqued, sequined, bejeweled, beaded, braided, knitted, crocheted, hooked, quilted, woven, painted, dyed, batiked & screen printed. 

Maximum dimensions of pieces submitted for this exhibit are D 6” x W 30” x L 30”.  

Juried on the basis of design, workmanship and an appropriate contribution to the cohesiveness and conversation of the exhibit theme – the variety of innovation.  

Please submit the completed application form and two (2) color photos (ea. 100 MB max.) of your work by Friday 2 August 2019. (See Application Form for detailed instructions and information.) 

Artwork submitted by registered applicants for jurying is due at The Legacy on Friday 20 September 2019, 10 AM - 4 PM. 

If, as a registered applicant for In Stitches: Innovation, you want to submit a piece larger than D 6” x W 30” x L 30” for jurying email by 4 PM Friday 16 September 2019 including the dimensions, materials and a color photo (100 MB max) of your piece as well as your name and contact information.  Please put “special request” in the subject line. 

Accepted entrants will be notified on or before Thursday 3 October 2019 by email. Artwork not accepted for exhibition must be retrieved from the Legacy by 4 PM Friday 5 October 2019.

Application Form: Click here

Application deadline: August 2, 2019

Submissions of work for jurying accepted on 20 September 2019 from 10 AM - 4PM at The Legacy.