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LGBT advocate sees hurdles

America's older population is growing, and so is the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) adults who are moving into their later years. In the next several decades, LGBT adults age 65 and above is expected to double, reaching more than 3 million by 2030.
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American Psychological Association

What does transgender mean?

Transgender is an umbrella term for persons whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth.
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Picking culturally sensitive caregiver

Many older people, due to their cultural backgrounds, have firm views on caregiving. These may include:

  • A sense that the family should provide all facets of care for their loved one.
  • Resistance to medical intervention, medical professionals, and any nonfamily caregivers.
  • Wariness about any arrangement that could distance the care recipient from his or her family.

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► 10 Tips for Working with Transgender Patients


Student Guide

The first is a comprehensive guide created for LGBTQ students, allies, and other community members. It offers tips for knowing if a college is LGBTQ friendly and highlights the schools going above and beyond to welcome these students. It also explains the Campus Pride Index and includes an interview with Gary Howell, a staff member at Argosy University who works with AU Tampa’s Campus Pride group.

► Resources and Expert Advice for LGBTQ College Students

The second guide focuses on transgender students. It includes scholarships specific to the trans community, describes how to find a transgender-friendly college and provides a directory for additional resources to help with academic and extracurricular success. You can check out the entire guide here:

► Resources for Transgender College Students

The last guide in the series focuses on scholarships and financial aid available to LGBTQ college students. It's not only a list of funding opportunities -- there are tips on, for example, how to navigate applying to financial aid before coming out to family or if the family is not supportive.

► College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students

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