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LBGTQI Elder Resource Introduction

Working to enhance the quality of life for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex elders.




Welcome to the Sebastopol Area Senior Center where we are committed to providing inclusive programming and services, offering a safe and respectful environment for everyone.  In the lifetime of many of us who are now in our senior years, we have seen a significant sea change in the attitudes towards people of minority sexual orientations and gender identities.  LGBTQI individuals have had many victories in the march towards equality, including the 2015 decision of the Supreme Court granting same sex couples the right to marry.  At the Sebastopol Senior Center we believe that LGBTQI elders have all the rights and should have all the same opportunities to age vibrantly as their heterosexual and cis-gendered peers.  Our inclusive progamming reflects that commitment. 

Many LGBTQI individuals in our community have been active participants of the liberation movements of the past 40+ years.  Others may yet be considering coming out.  Though as a society we have made much progress toward equality, we have not eliminated discrimination and prejudice.  At the senior center we continue to identify specific needs of LGBTQI elders and provide programs, services and advocacy to address these needs.  Please keep an eye open for our announcements and join our mailing list if you haven't already.  

This website offers a selection of links to important LGBTQI advocacy organizations, programs and services, at regional and national levels.  Some of the links on our site guide you to directories for a broad range of services.  


LGBTQI elders are

  • More likely to live alone

  • Less likely to have a partner

  • Less Likely to be connected with family of origin

  • Less likely to have adult children

  • Are twice as likely to live in poverty

  • And, thus, more likely to have poor health care access

  • Less likely to have pension or survivor benefits.

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