LGBTQI Information and Assistance

This program provides you with information on services available in your community and links you to the services and opportunities that are available.


All requests for information and assistance are completely confidential and your name and contact information will not be shared with others.

Telephone Assistance

Please call 707.829.2440 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. A representative will work with you to address your informational needs and assist you in identifying community services available to you.

Online Request Submission

For your convenience, you may also submit an online request for information and assistance. Complete the form linked below, and we will contact you via email or telephone within 24 to 48 hours to help you get information and assistance.
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Sonoma County

A report published in April 2011 by the Williams Institute estimated that 3.8 percent of Americans identified as gay/lesbian, bisexual, or transgender: 1.7 percent as lesbian or gay, 1.8 percent as bisexual, and 0.3 percent as transgender.

Sonoma County has 500,000 people as of 2014, which means there are approximately 19,000 LGBTQI people in Sonoma County. Many are in the closet, meaning they do not talk about their lives for fear of judgment, rejection, or harm.


Transgender people face a much higher suicide risk. 41 percent of transgender people surveyed said they had attempted suicide, compared with 1.6 percent of the general population. Risk increased for those who reported bullying, sexual assault, and job loss. 78 percent of transgender respondents who had endured physical or sexual violence at school had attempted suicide. (Williams Institute)

LGBTQI elders are

  • More likely to live alone
  • Less likely to have a partner
  • Less Likely to be connected with family of origin
  • Less likely to have adult children
  • Are twice as likely to live in poverty
  • And, thus, more likely to have poor health care access
  • Less likely to have pension or survivor benefits.