Rider / Driver Testimonials

To request a ride call or to be a volunteer driver call: 707-829-2440

Rider Comments

"I love riding with the drivers – it’s like going someplace with a friend. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for my rides. OMG! I can see! I truly did not know how bad my eyesight was. If not for your program, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. God Bless."

From riders’ daughter: "My folks really love your drivers. Thank you so much for coordinating their rides. Kaye was delightful, friendly and professional. Folks really enjoyed her. Last time Dave even asked if they wanted to go shopping. Dave did not accept a tip but he loves baked goods and that made Mom really pleased as she loves to bake!”

“Excellent driver. Very careful and caring and a personality to match! I’m nearly 90 and blind and the need for your wonderful service is more important than ever!”

“The whole driving experience with Peggy was efficient and enjoyable. A wonderful service.”

“What would I do without you and the wonderful gift of drivers?! Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful, lovely service and the lovely folks driving us.”

“She was so kind. She even walked me right to my door holding my arm to make sure I was safe after my surgery.”

“Susan was very thoughtful – kept close tabs on me and let me do my thing.”


“Your drivers are pleasant and competent and make me feel it is wonderful for them to help me. Your program is a most valuable resource for seniors in West County.”

“This wonderful service has allowed me to participate in a much needed mental health program. I plan on nominating Dean for the congressional medal of honor.”

“This was an emergency for me. It worked out great and I truly appreciated both the driver and Dean.”

“Deb is an excellent driver – the trees were so beautiful between here and Santa Rosa and she took me for a scenic drive.”

“Always the very best driving and helpful attitudes. Thank you for this service – without it my life would not be as good.”

“This was especially good – Simon took me to see the animal rescue center in Sebastopol on the way home!”

“I am very thankful for rides-I don’t know what I would do if not for the Senior Center.”

“As per usual, the services involved were excellent. I am most appreciative. You have become a primary way of meeting my transportation needs.”

“We enjoyed our conversations. A great driver…and (new) friend!”


“All of your drivers are caring and make the rider feel it is their pleasure to help out. My doctor was running late as usual, and the driver was patient and cheerful about it. Thanks to all of you!”

“Ed was an example of an old fashioned gentleman. He was helpful, courteous, and pleasant company. Give him 5 stars!"

“Dave took me to my usual grocer after my medical appointment. HE asked ME if I wanted to do anything else!"


Driver Comments

“The best thing about the job is the really interesting - also very nice people that you meet.”

“I really love all my beautiful people.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ride with her. I would be happy to take her anytime.”

“I do this for me, because it helps me to help others.”



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