Mr. Music Jim Corbett selected 2015
Aged To Perfection Distinguished Citizen

The Sebastopol Area Senior Center is honoring Jim “Mr. Music” Corbett as our 2015 Aged to Perfection Distinguished Citizen.

Being held on Saturday, May 9th at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, the award is presented to someone who has a history of giving back to and working with their community. Not just the Senior Center, but the community as a whole. Jim Corbett fits that description to a “T”.

Jim was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. His musical inspiration came early at age 5 when he started piano lessons. It was at Ohio State University where he learned to play guitar. Jim came to San Francisco in 1972, and played in a SF based band for several years.

Arriving in Sebastopol in 1975, Jim and Jan met shortly after. They married in 1978, and one year to the date Sophia was born.
When you play the Word Association game with Jim as the subject, everyone seems to have their favorite. Love Choir; Luv Rustlers; The Country All-Stars; Peacetown USA; Peacetown Concert Series; Purple People Eater; Coach; Peace Activist; Community Activist; Tireless Volunteer…the list is endless.

When asked about which of his accomplishments he is most proud of, he smiles and says “All of them, but wife Jan and daughters Sophia, Elizabeth, and Karina are at the top”.
Jim “Mr. Music” Corbett has probably touched the lives of more people than anyone we will ever meet. Students, musicians, friends, neighbors, and yes, Senior Citizens. Whenever Jim sets up shop at the Senior Center the room seems to fill up and everyone goes home a little bit happier.

The Sebastopol Area Senior Center is proud to be able to honor Jim Corbett as our 2015 Aged to Perfection Distinguished Citizen. For more information about Aged to Perfection call 829-2440 or email

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For more information: The Mr. Music Foundation.

2015 Driven To Perfection
Classic Car Show & Cruise

The Sebastopol senior Center is pleased to announce our Third Annual Driven To Perfection Classic Car Show and Cruise on Saturday, May 23, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The event will be held at O’Reilly Media at 1005 Gravenstein Hwy. N, Sebastopol. Please join us for this exciting fundraiser to benefit the Senior Center, featuring 1976 and older cars and trucks.

Registration for show vehicles up to May 1 is $25. From May 2 on, registration is $30. The public is invited for a nominal fee of $5 and kids 12 and under are free!

The community may participate by voting for their favorite People’s Choice Award. Please join us for the Cruise through downtown Sebastopol at 4 pm. The rain or shine show will include raffles, a swing dance, food vendors, music, and a demonstration by the Hot Rod Association of America.

Learn More: Driven To Perfection Car Show & Cruise

From more information, call 707-829-2440 or email