LGBT Happenings & Updates

Hello from the Sebastopol Area Senior Center!

Dear LGBTQI Friends,

First of all, I want to be sure you know that this Center is proud to support our local LGBTQI community! We are a safe space for all LGBTQI seniors. I am the LGBTQI liaison and we fly the rainbow flag to show our commitment to our LGBTQI neighbors.

Visit our website any time to read local and national LGBT resources, blogs, and much more:

We also proudly presented several successful programs here in June for Pride month. And please know you are all invited to our LGBTQI + Friends Halloween Dance Party on Saturday, October 26th.

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What’s Happening in Our LGBTQI Community?

Saturday, September 7: “Flooded with Love” – Guerneville LGBTQI Pride Parade

I’m going; meet me there! Saturday, September 7th, the parade starts at 11 AM, with parties at the different resorts throughout the day, ending with a drag show that evening at the R3 Hotel.
Click here to learn more!

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We Need Your Help!

We had a very successful Summer LGBTQI Dance Party, with over 75 folks here to dance and party! We could not have done without our wonderful dance volunteers making it so successful!

We are looking for volunteers to help us with the next LGBTQI Dance: the Halloween Dance Party. Come to our planning meeting, or email me if you have questions. We need help with decorations, food, ticket sales, certified bar tenders, set up and clean up.

Halloween Dance Planning Meeting:
When: Tuesday, Sept 10 at 4PM
Where: Sebastopol Senior Center, 167 N High St
Why: To support our LGBTQI community, and raise funds for our seniors
Who: Contact


Do You Like Helping Seniors?

We would love to find a few more friendly volunteers who wish to work at our front desk at the Senior Center. If you love people, love smiling and answering phones, providing answers to lot’s of questions, and giving tours of our Center, please let me know! Come work with me, it’s a lot of fun!

Email me for more info:

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Come Try the “Heart Connection Group”!

You are invited to join a new wonderful group here at our Center led by an out gay man. John Olesen, MA, TEP, has been running groups focused on helping people find connection for health and person growth for over 30 years. He is the former Clinical Supervisor at the Shanti Project in San Francisco. All LGBTQI are welcome!

The Heart Connection Group happens on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 1:30-3:00 PM. It is free for members and $5 for non-members.

Join this facilitated group to gain greater personal connection with others. Using a “talking stick” a participant speaks without interruption or feedback while everyone else is encouraged to listen with full attention and compassion. The ultimate goal is to build resilient community through healing, trust, and respectful heart connection. Confidentiality is assured.
More info here.


Grandma’s Story

My grandmother told me this little story when I was very young:

There was a woman who had just moved to town who approached my grandmother and asked “Are the neighbors any good around here?” Which led my grandmother to tell me one of the secrets of life: “To have good neighbors, you have to be a good neighbor!” I’ve never forgotten that. I have taken cookies to new neighbors on my street, I’ve dropped off loaves of bread, I've gone to sit with friends in need. And I have asked for help when I needed it. I’m blessed to have many friends that come running when I ask.


Shameless Plug for Making Friends in Our “Magic” Lunch Room

I recently took a call at our front desk from a guy whose mother had broken her hip and he wanted someone to go sit with her. We currently don’t have a list of folks that want to do that for someone they don’t know.

The bigger story was that his mom doesn't have any friends and doesn't know anyone who might be able to come to her house and comfort her.

My ‘plug’ for everyone is to make friends now! Before you get sick. I want to encourage everyone reading this to come in for lunch here at the Senior Center. It’s wonderful! It’s almost magic how easy it is to meet folks in our lunch room.

Council on Aging serves lunch is served every weekday from 11 AM to 1 PM. It’s a three course meal that includes a beverage, and it’s only $4 if you are 60 or over and $6.50 if you are under 60.

But the best part is you can easily meet people, make new friends, get some phone numbers, invite folks out for coffee, and offer to visit someone and help out when they are under the weather. Then when it’s your turn, and you need help, you will have a list of names to call. You never know when you might be sick, so you want to reach out now and offer now to go sit with someone who's sick so when you're sick you'll have some credit in that bank.

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LGBTQI + Friends Halloween Dance Party

Saturday, October 26; 6:30 pm to 10 pm,
Sebastopol Area Senior Center

We’re Transforming our Center into a Halloween Extravaganza!
Wild & Fun Decorations in Every Room
Bring Your Friends – Get Your Tickets Now

Sebastopol Senior Center is proud to present our LGBTQI and Friends Halloween Dance Party!

Come be dazzled and energized by exciting dance music with festive Halloween decorations. Fortune tellers, card and palm readers are available to delight you. Come enjoy art by local renowned artist Alan Beckstead in our black light room.

It’s light, it’s gregarious, it’s a good time! And you don't have to be a senior or LGBT to attend, all persuasions and ages (age 21+) are welcome! Wear your playful costume for our contest. Delicious snacks are provided and included in the price. Beer and wine for sale, only $5.

Buy your Ticket now, before the price goes up!

$12 if purchased in September
$14 if purchased by Oct 25th
$15 at the door, if available.

(It's also a fundraiser, with all money raised going to help seniors!)

Tickets are sold at the Sebastopol Senior Center.
By phone 707-829-2440 or come to
167 N High Street, Sebastopol, M-F 9am - 4pm

Dance the night away and groove to Donnie “DJ BearCake” Rodreick spinning dance tunes to move you!


Elderhood Course with Buz Hermes

Free, Fun Elderhood Course with Buz

Re-imagine elderhood as you connect with your lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender peers in a fun, safe, supportive atmosphere!

Thursdays, 11 AM - 1 PM, August 22 to December 19, 2019.

Led by Gary “Buz” Hermes MA, LGBT Aging Consultant,

Sign up by going directly to the location and the instructor will give you an application and assist with registration. Finley Center Person Senior Wing 2060 West College Ave, Santa Rosa.
Click here for more info.

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Watch this touching and sweet video where 2 gay veterans talk about their 25 years of love: Click here to watch video!

Laith Ashley - The Heartthrob Transman. I applaud this man! I'd seen pictures of him but had no idea who he was. Now I know: Click here to watch video!
Educational 16 minute film on the history of LGBTQ rights movement and where we are today: Click here to watch video!

LGBTQI Film Festival

OUTwatch – Wine Country’s LGBTQI Film Festival Brings the Best of International Queer Cinema to Sebastopol at the Rialto Cinemas. For the full schedule of fascinating movies, see

2019 OUTwatch Film Festival

October 4th-6th, 2019